Frito-Lay pulls the plug on a great innovation.

Well, I thought maybe the world was taking a step in the right direction towards curing its over-packaging problem when Frito-Lay introduced the biodegradable SunChips bag last year but I guess spoiled consumers win out as usual. Boo hoo, my freaking chip bag is so loud I can’t hear my Mom call me for dinner from down in the basement.


I had sent Frito-Lay a thumbs down email for having such a great idea but caving to such a silly complaint and was impressed to get this reply within a couple of hours.

Thank you for contacting Frito-Lay to share your comments about the SunChips compostable package.

Frito-Lay is taking steps to improve the SunChips 100% compostable packaging launched in early 2010. The new steps help address consumers’ feedback about the bag’s noise level, while continuing to build on the environmental benefits.

While Frito-Lay works to develop a next-generation compostable package, SunChips Original snacks will remain in the current 100% compostable package, while the other SunChips flavors have transitioned back to their traditional packaging. Once the improved compostable bag is ready, it will be featured in the SunChips Original flavor, allowing Frito-Lay to monitor consumers’ response.

As with many leading-edge technologies, there is an ongoing process of improvement and refinement. We are confident the a pproach we are taking will allow us to continue our sustainability progress, while also showing our consumers that we are committed to responding to their needs and preferences.

Frito-Lay has a long track record of progress and leadership in environmental responsibility, and the compostable bag is an important step in our sustainable packaging journey. Thank you again for your feedback.