I’m not that guy

I’m not the kind of guy who drives around in a hybrid looking down my nose at everyone else… in fact I believe that those smug-types do quite a bit of damage to the perception of those that do recycle and try to do some other things to help the environment, us ‘partially green’ folks. I believe that if everyone made an effort to do simple little things that it would make a huge difference in the amount of waste that goes on in this world. Again, I am nowhere near being an environmental expert or activist, I drive cars for their style and power more than the MPG but I try to make up for it by recycling just about every bit of trash we produce in our house and just doing simple things like turning off lights, water, etc.

Anyway, I didn’t mean that intro to be longer than one sentence and some day I’ll go into my long winded spiel about being ‘partially green’ but the only reason I was inspired to post today is because of a trip to the bathroom at work. When I walked in to take a leak there was this fellow who was washing his hands, I proceeded to take care of my business and wash my hands (thoroughly I might add since I’m on immunosuppressants and germs aren’t my friend) and this guy finished up washing his hands about the same time I did, his water running the whole time. It may be a silly thing for me to point out and I feel like a tattle tell for even posting this but this is the kind of simple things that I’m talking about. I realize he might have OCD or be a germophobe in which case I take all of this back but if not he can certainly wash his hands in less time than that.

Having said that, there is also a fella I encounter quite often in the bathroom who never washes his hands and is loud with everything he does like shutting doors, etc. This guy might be conserving too much water (or taking up too much oxygen).